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Rahsia apa lagi ni beba??

Hi dear bloggers!

I started blogging since I was in secondary school. It is one of my hobbies or my addict. Haha..Well, I have 3 blogs now. But the only active is this one.. I growth from my two other blog which are Blog You Up! and Ice Le' Moon Tee. These blog inspired me a lot through silence thinking. I have been so much problem with talking before. But now, I can talk more and more, and sometimes be silent as much as possible. That is me. Well, it depends on how it works through my relationship to people. I may not take this blogging as s career but it do feel like I'm in my own world when I do blogging....I can talk and talk and talk...sounds like forever alone right?? hahaha anyway, I have choose my future one to my future is a secret....hehe okay bye!

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